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Root 66

Due to the spread Phytophora ramorum, Enviromental Conservationist Peter Dreghorn was required to fell 50 larch trees within his woodland. Treesurv was employed to use this timber to construct a cabin comprising of one room. This involved hauling the stems to the site of the cabin and debarking them by hand to use as the sole building material, the objective being to use the minimal amount of man made material. Overall, the project took 4 weeks and required the team to camp onsite during the construction. The finished result is a log cabin reminiscint of frontier cabins used in a time long past and made using the same methods (albiet without the use of chainsaws). The overall structure external measurements 7 metres long and 4 metres wide, the internal measurement of the room being 4 metres long and 3 metres wide. The title of Root 66 was given to the cabin as it was finished on Peter Dreghorns 66th birthday.

A project like this was a rewarding opportunity for Treesurv as it involved using and improving various techniques and better preparing ourselves for future projects of this nature. 

For more information about the cabin, read Peter Dreghorn's article covering the project in the Reforesting Scotland magazine