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Talla Bank

Talla Bank is a steep slope of grassland pocketed by various pieces of archeology that overlooks the Talla Reservoir just South East of Tweedsmuir Village. Treesurv was employed by the Woodland Trust and Borders Forest Trust to plant 160,000 trees on the North side of the slopes, whilst this was not the most remote site that we have planted on, it is one of the steepest and most difficult yet. The team endured some difficult elements throughout this project and the combination of high winds and slippery slopes meant that work had to be undertaken slowly, systematically and, above all, safely. The lower slopes of the bank have been planted with a mixture of Birch Oak and Elm and the upper slopes seeing featherings of Juniper and Rowan. Fringe elements of the core woodland are host to minor species like Hawthorn and Holly. 

This was a very adventurous project for Treesurv as it has provided challenges of logistics and of fortitude as the team has braced the elements and still managed to haul up bags of trees when vehicles could carry us no further. It has, however gained us some invaluable experience and further equips us to take on the more extreme projects.

For more information on Talla and other Native Woodland Planting why not visit the Borders Forest Trust website for the latest on all their projects