three phases...



128000 stems, planted 2010-2011



48500 stems, planted 2011-2012


Lochan Burn

50300 stems, planting during 2012-2013

Planting Map


TreeSurv is the planting contractor for this Borders Forest Trust project. The project aim; To restore a range of semi-natural upland habitats from the summit of Hart Fell to the low ground including montane, heathland and other moorland habitats with a large component of native woodland. Both Borders Forest Trust and Treesurv look to have the local community involved with the project. Treesurv has an ongoing active role in supporting volunteer work around the site, giving advice to volunteers on planting methods and more generally moving materials around site to help with events that are held at Corehead.

We have relished a number of challenges in taking on this project. The main challenge has been accessing the compartments: with their upper slopes at 600m above sea level, they have the characteristics of and experience weather conditions similar to areas of the Highlands.

A particularly enjoyable aspect of this for TreeSurv has been the opportunity to push the boundaries of successful native planting.

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