Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Felling from a different level

Felling of a Co-Leader at 50 feet

Trees that have suffered structural damage are sometimes to dangerous to section down using climbing techniques. This mature tree had suffered a sever lateral fracture through the main bifurcation in the stem. To deal with this tree safely we had to use an Acces Platform (Cherry Picker) to remove all of the crown from above the fracture point. 

This film shows us felling one of the co-leaders out of tree. From a safety point of view; We were absolutley certian that the weighting of this leader would mean that it would fall away from us. We had identified a possible internal fracture at the point where we were making the felling cut and we were able to get an apporpriate angle on the hinge to deal with this.  On the ground we had cleared all obstacles and had ground staff to stop any movement of people or vehicles during the operation.


Posted by James on 06/11 at 04:21 PM
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