Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Alder with altitude

Planting the highest Alder in the country.

Alder at the Lochan Burn, Corehead, Moffat Hills, Scotland

"High Altitude New Native Woodland in the Southern Uplands. The highest naturally occurring Alder Alnus glutinosa in the country is found in the Highlands at c.547m a.s.l. The planting of alder at Lochan Burn will match this and offer the exciting prospect of some of the highest altitude alder woodland in the country. The planting is somewhat experimental as nobody is certain about the limits of this type of forest under natural conditions. Taken together with some of the highest altitude sessile oak Quercus petraea and Ash Fraxinus excelsior and the establishment of montane scrub at even higher altitudes, Treesurv are providing the vital practical backbone to this new and exciting attempt at native forest restoration in the Southern Uplands."

Stuart Adair, Habitat Ecologist and Environmental Consultant, Jan 2013.


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