Monday, February 11, 2013

Life above the snow line

Its another world

In Moffat today the weather was good, sunshine, no snow lining the streets and even slightly mild. What lies ahead though to get to Lochan Burn is becoming unusually normal....

An hour spent clearing drifts as we cross the snow line on Cock law...

A last look back to Moffat and the green landscape surrounding it.

 Looking forward and down into Lochanburn, the bothy some 430ft below.

We got there in the end to find that the flake gate to the compartment gateway was blocked by 3ft snow drifts, the surrounding valley floor covered in about a foot of snow that has been blown of Hartfell. (The Quad had to recovered from a drift on top of the marsh that has to be crossed to get to the gate, the Argo stuck on the hillside above).

We got to work today but had to turn back, somebody forgot to bring the Coffee!

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Just another day at the office

It could be worse!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Volunteer revisits planting

Juniper planted in November 2010

Ed, from Somerset, revisits the Juniper he planted on the first Volunteer planting day at Tweedhope , Corehead in November 2010.

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